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    • Quiet possibly the most technologically advanced hot yoga studio of its kind, our wifi connected, color touchscreen thermostat and computer controlled hotroom now averages the temperature between 4 different temperature readings. Combining motion sensing technology with automatic humidity controls provides our clients with the same environment from class to class. Knowing that the room will always be the same makes it easier to concentrate on improving your yoga practice. 

    • Our Vibe. Some studios take themselves and their rules very seriously. While rules exist for a reason, we tend to be a little more on the laid-back side. We encourage all new beginners to have the goal of “stay in the room.” However, while this goal is highly recommended, it’s not set in stone. The first time can be rather challenging, and sometimes even the most experienced person has an appointment to make or feels sick to their stomach. Need to leave a few minutes early? We won’t give you an attitude. Feel sick? By all means, leave class and take care of it. Any rules we do enforce are more to lower the impact of one student’s behavior on another, so as long as you’re courteous to those around you, we’ll enjoy your company and you’ll enjoy ours. For more information about the “rules”, please read the new student orientation.

      Our Team. Being a family run studio has the advantage that we are a smaller, more tightly knit community that gives our studio less of the feel of a “business” and more of a feel of a “community” that simply loves Yoga. Here, you’ll find most of the important functions filled by family members and heplfull staff who really care to keep our clients happy.

      Our Floor. Safety first! Our studio sports the industry standard flotex (used by hospitals), a type of anti-microbial flooring that feels like carpet but does not absorb water. Our flotex flooring is also disinfected several times a week and deep cleaned with a proprietary blend of cleaners and aromatics once a week. This often results in a fresh smell emanating from our hot-room that others strive to replicate. In contrast, hard-wood flooring (while easy to clean) allows sweat to pool and travel to neighboring yogis and can be a slipping hazard. We take the added expense of continuously cleaning a more difficult flooring surface (than wood) for your safety.

      Our Heat. Our hot-room temperature is computer controlled, and provides us with analytics and remote monitoring of the room’s details such as temperature and humidity during and between each class. Multiple temperature and motion sensors track the areas of the room being used and ensure they are the proper temperature. This ensures a similar experience each and every time no matter what the weather is like or who may be teaching. The humidity level is also automatically controlled by electronics, raising or lowering as needed depending on the weather outside and the amount of work the heaters are doing. Our quality control of the weather inside the room is paramount. We want every class to feel the same. We also do our part  to save as much energy as possible by automatically disabling the hot-room heat when not in use. The computer technology automatically raises the temperature to meet the demands of the class schedule and automatically switches back off when not required. This also allows the room to be cooler (inhibiting bacterial growth) and to be cleaned by staff at regular intervals.

      Our Humidity. Our highly efficient commercial humidifiers use electronic technology without the use of heat to convert water to water vapor, automatically increasing the humidity in the room to the target and then switching off. They are positioned within the room to ensure their optimum efficiency and to keep moisture out of direct contact with the air ducts and heating system. Electronic controls switch them on and off and monitor their operation.

      Our Air. Our CO2 sensor is calibrated to kick on and pull in fresh air from outside the building, heating it if necessary, ensuring there is always enough air to breath to maximize your practice. Even when the room is packed with people, the system will compensate for the number of CO2 particles and will activate more often. Occasionally this results in a pleasant breeze while you lie in savasanah. CO levels are also monitored by alarm equipment for the safety of the practitioners.

      The Mirrors. We have 3 walls of mirrors and a 4th wall designated for backbends. Many competing studios don’t have as many mirrors. This is extremely helpful for the self-corrections of alignment for beginners and advanced alike.

      Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We are obsessive compulsive about cleaning. As a result, you’ll rarely find the place a mess. This facet is also consistently mentioned in online reviews. So much so that we were not too surprised when a certain celebrities’ bodyguards told us this was the cleanest yoga studio they had ever accompanied their client to, as we get that a-lot. However, we were delighted when she scheduled another private class for the very next day.

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